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Wenn my Macbook Pro goes to hibernation because of low battery and I try to wake it up there comes the progress-bar goes up untill the last stripe - then the boot process stops. iDevices light up and down at this point. Usually this is where the login screen would come. I hit the power button and force a new boot.

I'm experiencing this issue since I had upgraded to 10.8. from 10.6.

Here are the steps I've already tried - I'm just asking if I missed something in the list, that I also could try. I already spent so many hours whith this, I'm already accepting this planned obsolescence of my macbook pro. :-( A total nightmare - I should have never been made to upgrade (Xcode doesn't install in the new version.)

  1. Fixed Disk permissions. (A lot of times - with OS X started and in Single User Mode.)
  2. Repaired my volume. (The hard-off described above usually causes errors in the file system)
  3. Parameter Reset
  4. SMC Reset (can't confirm, that this actually happened, because there are no confirmations about this.)
  5. Change the hibernation modes in Terminal
  6. Remove startup items in System Preferences>Users
  7. Remove the sleepimage in /var/vm
  8. Create a new Admin-User
  9. Change my screensaver
  10. Delete my Power Managment Plist
  11. Delete the Systemuiserver Plist
  12. Clearing the caches with Onyx


I now change my hibernatemode to 0 and forget about owning a laptop and just leave it on my desk.

I would really appreciate any suggestions in pinpointing that down. And yes, I know there are already threads covering that problem resulting in the action-list above. I feeling kept busy with R&D that hasn't been made by apple.

So the last thing I will try someday is a fresh installation. But this will also take up so much time, that I just accept my buggy machine...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2,5GHz 8GB Ram Mid 2010 Model 6,2
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    Seems this was missing. Booting into Recovery should help, and if only to effectively repair the internal HDD, if that's the cause for your trouble.


    You should also check the Console app for crash or even kernel panic reports from when your Mac stalls. Copy & post the relevant lines here.

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    G'day Maffibear,


    I am quite certain it isn't planned obsolesence.  I am writing on my mid-2009 MBP, which works perfectly under 10.8 - including wake from hibernation.


    My suggestion is that you do a clean install of 10.8.2 (i.e. erase your hard disk, install the OS, and then migrate your user account, apps and data from a backup).  edit - it doesn't take so long - only about 2 hours from go to whoa, and it doesn't need supervision the whole time.


    It is apparant that you have spent enough time mucking around with items that haven't addressed the underlying issue. Do you need instructions for this?





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    RodneyW wrote:


    ...do a clean install of 10.8.2 (i.e. erase your hard disk, install the OS, and then migrate your user account, apps and data from a backup).

    If... IF it's not caused by something within the user account - which would then be brought back onto the new "clean" system...


    A truly clean install means wiping the disk, re-installing OS, manually installing all apps fresh and from scratch, and manually migrating only user data (as in document files) but nothing from the user library.

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    Its not likely to be the user account - because he already tried a new user account.

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    Well, a fresh install seem's like the only way to resolve this. But I agree, that I shouldn't be transfering to much from my library. But format c: ist something that will take a lot more than 2 hours.


    Just for the record: I also did the fsck -fy in Single-User-Mode and tried booting into Safe-Mode with the test-admin-account (deleted sleepimage from there as well) but the issue remains.



    Here are some log entries that might be helpfull too:

    This is from the system.log and I believe there might be a problem with the login window (that's what should come next when the machine wakes):


    loginwindow[43]: *** WARNING: -[NSImage compositeToPoint:operation:fraction:] is deprecated in MacOSX 10.8 and later. Please use -[NSImage drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] instead.

    loginwindow[43]: *** WARNING: -[NSImage compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] is deprecated in MacOSX 10.8 and later. Please use -[NSImage drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] instead.


    This one is from the Powermanagment Log:

    FilteredFailure Sleep - Filtered Sleep Failure Report - Power Button Shutdown - Platform Failure (Fail code:0x1f006700)


    For now, I'm going to use my machine back in hibernatemode 3 and just not let the battery run down to much...

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    Hey Folks,

    I just wanted to tell how you my solution.

    I did a reinstall with the latest ML Installer. I just ran the Installer with my OSX running. I only had my TM-Backup made before that - then removed all deviced from the machine and let the installer do it's thing.

    When I came back to the machine a rough two hours later, I had the login prompt with my user accounts and data still in place.

    Loging in and finding most of my stuff unchanged. (Printers are gone, as far as I can see it from now.)

    But Hibernation is working again!

    A small note to that: My mac does not promt for a password, when waking from hibernation. Just a small security issue - maybe it will be different with some time elapsed. (I was waking the mac right after hibernation had started.) I'll check that out later. For now, I'm happy that I don't have to switch of the machine hard and kick the file system out...


    Thank you guys for the help!