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    BTW - This is what I don't see in the GUI:


    Local Users:, daemon, Guest, nobody, root

    Network Local Users: diradmin

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    Sorry, I keep thinking of things that might be causing problems...when I setup the mail account on the client, the wizard tries to use my old domain regestriar SSL certificate.  I have my own and it is on the server.

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    Well, thanks to Uptime!!!!!!!!!!  Once I played with my account setups I have succeeded.  I now have my IMAP account on the client working with my server.


    Here is what I did to make it all work...this may be common sense to some, but I needed to grind through it to understand.


    I also think some of this was due to trying to administer the server with screen sharing and priviledges associated with that, but I am not sure.


    Anyway, I created seperate accounts on the server.

    1 - local account, which is the same information I need to log onto the client

    1 - Admin account, which is the account used to administer the server

    1 - Director admin account, for open directory administration


    On the client:

    1) Logged onto the client with teh local account credentials in number 1 above

    2) I deleted all my mail accounts (only had one)

    3) I created my new account with local account credentials

    4) Viola!  Everything is working good at this point with the MBP client and iPad


    I have noticed my Drafts folder does not sync to the server.  Anybody know if that is possible.  I use several devices throughout the day and there is a certain amount of convenience associated with EVERY device, laptop, iPhone, iPad all having the same mail data at your disposal.


    Happy for now...will fiddle with the Drafts folder, and next.....Shared Calendars!

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