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Problem Description:

Called Apple to buy Lion Server before the last weekend but there are a couple of issues.


Install clean Lion 10.7.5 from USB drive on a Late-2006 Xserve in order to upgrade to 10.7.5 server.


Everything is fine initially; however, just when I finished installation configuration, the "Thank You" message pops out asking me to click the "Start Using Lion." Clicked it and then Xserve hangs indefinitely.


Force shutdown and reboot, I can finally log in but RAID card shows disorderly shutdown. Rebuild is required.


In addition, the secondary mouse click of my wired Mighty Mouse is not functioning. Changing the setting still makes no use. Xserve cannot use Magic Mouse since it does not have an AirPort Extreme Card installed.


Hope to see a fix in 10.7.6 ASAP.

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    I'm having the same problem with an early-2008 Xserve. Clean install of Lion and after "Start Using Lion" it's just sitting there on the gray apple logo screen. The drive indicator light was showing a lot of activity, but finally stopped. Did force shutdown (held down front-panel power button) and restarted at that time. System booted up, and appeared ok. Mouse ok, but using a random (PC) USB mouse with physical buttons.


    I split my RAID 1 drive set, since I had problems with the installer, and discovered on the net that Lion installer doesn't like RAID when trying to create the recovery partition.


    Running Server.app right now, so we'll see what happens. I'm just doing a clean setup at this time, and will migrate data from my backup later.


    If nothing else, I share your misery!