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I did some minor editing of a concert in Adobe Premiere CS6 in Windows 7. Client wants to further edit himself on a Mac with iMovie, but I'm not sure which codec to export in. Not sure of the Mac's capabilities or what version software he has. I'd like to give him an HD version as well as standard def. Concert is about 90 minutes and I am transferring A and B rolls separately. What do you think?PC to Mac.jpg

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    from the listed ones I would choose mpeg4 (if optional with a really high bitrate).

    or, if size doesn't matter but last grain of quality 'Animation'.


    and, btw, iM11 doesn't support 50p (nor 60p)

    change to 25/30p

    (isn't HDV always interlaced??)


    a seperate SDef version …? what for? no use.-

    on playout final project you can down-scale.


    a/b-roll editing of music is no fun in iMovie …

    no synch options.

    no tracks.-

    in FCPX a no-brainer .....