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In the old iOS you were able to see the description for each individual podcast.  I listen to NPR's Most E-Mailed Stores podcast often and like to see what the different stories in the episode are. I can see the podcast description (e.g., this is NPR's Most Emailed Stories!) - but not the contents of each individual episode (e.g., 1. Big fish caught in the lake! 2. Financial Meltdown. etc...).  Is there a setting that I'm missing?  Or was this feature removed in iOS6?  On my old iPod Classic I can still see the episode description.


ETA: I checked in iTunes and there is text in the description field for each podcast episode.  So the question is how do I make this episode description visible?  I'm using the regular Podcast app that comes with iOS 6.0.2 on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2