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i have airport extreme 1143 , express 1088 and express 1264  :



i want the extreme to be the master and supply signal to the entire house . the extreme is connected via modem (bridge mode) . Now i want to play music Via airplay to 2 different speakers which are connected in 2 seperate rooms ( express a1088 and a1264) . Someone told me this can be done wirelessly as Extreme automatically detects the Express and strengthens the network as well. apparently a1088 is not a n type router and does not extend the coverage , but the main purpose is to play music seperately via 2 airport Express' . is it posssible to connect wirelessly and set this kind of a network . please help or give me a solution

AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen), Windows 7
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    For streaming it is NOT necessary for either Express base station to extend the wireless range of the "main" AirPort Extreme. Instead, you would want to configure both Express base stations to "join" the Extreme's wireless network.


    If on the other hand you DO want to BOTH extend the Extreme's Wi-Fi range AND stream iTunes, I would suggest that you only use the 802.11n Express for extending/streaming and the 802.11g Express only for streaming.

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    i set up my extreme to create a new wireless network and set my airport express a1264 to join the current network.when i tick the option of extend the range of wireless network . i get directed to next page where it says to choose the device to extend . i dont see my extreme there ! however , if i untick it gets configured fine . the thing is i want to extend as well .



    can u pls tell me a step step process on how to extend the signal of extreme (1143) by express(1264) . however , i dont know the capabilities of express 1088 when it comes to extending the signal . if it can play only airplay , i am happy 

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    Remember "join" and "extend" are two different things. If you want to use the A1264 Express to extend the Extreme's wireless network, please follow these Apple Support article directions. This extended network will also support iTunes streaming.


    The older A1088 Express does not support the 802.11n's extend feature. Instead it would require that the network be configured for a Wireless Distribution System (WDS). This type of extended network has two major disadvantages: 1) It can only operate in the 802.11g Radio Mode, and 2) For every base station added to the WDS, the overall bandwidth of the network would be cut in half. So, for example, if you use all three of your AirPorts in a WDS, you would only be getting around 13-14 Mbps. The same roughly as an 802.11b network. I would not recommend going with a WDS and why I suggested that you only use the A1264 Express for extending. You could still use the A1088 for streaming by having this base station "join" the extended wireless network created by the other base stations.

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    Oh!! I see , thanks !

    One last thing , what if instead of using extreme as the main station, I use the a1088 dor connecting to modem to get a wifi connection , and then connect the extreme to a1088 to extend and then connect a1264 to further extend ?

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    This would be the makings of a WDS network. It doesn't matter in which order (main, relay, or remote) you use the three base stations. You would still get the significant bandwidth reduction implementing this configuration and I would recommend against it.