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I was unable to get my desktop to load and I used single user to create a new account so that I could access my mac.  The advice I received was that there was something in the library of the original user account that was preventing the mac from completing the desktop and was creating an endless loop.  So now I can access my mac, but all of my files are stuck on the other side!


Using the new account, I search for some items, and if that item was on the original account desktop, I can't find it in Find.  So this is what I need to do:


I either need to correct the conflict in the original account library so that I can once again use that account and access the materials on the desktop, or I need to find some way of finding and moving those items over to the new account.


When I switch users to the original account, the endless loop starts all over again and I have to shut off the mac and restart it in the new account to be able to use it.


So how do I access the considerable amount of material on that original account desktop so that it can be migrated?  Or how do I fix the problem preventing the original account from starting properly so that I can go back to using it?  I am also running very low on hard drive space and need to find a way to selectively delete items from the original account desktop and trash so that I have more space.


Any thoughts on how any of this might be accomplished? Most migration protocols require that I boot up the original account, but for obvious reasons, that is not possible. If it would have booted up, I wouldn't have needed the new user account in the first place!

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)