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Actually I have two questions.  I just updated from Leopard to snow leopard.  Now when I import songs, it says "Do you want to import to burn playlist?"  I click "yes".  Then when it is finished copying, I go to "playlists" on the top of the screen and click on the "burn playlist" and it says there are no items.  Where did the songs go.  I would like to burn a playlist that I imported this way.  I haven't tried arranging songs in the order I want them yet, but now see that is an issue also.  I also used to see a list of my playlists on the left side of the screen and the songs within each of those playlists when I clicked on them and easily could drag and drop songs from one playlist to another.  How do I do the same functions that I used to do before I updated? Does this update make it impossible to do the same functions as before?  Where can I find a "manual" of sorts to direct me to explain this new format?  If there is no way to do these things, I will have to say that I want my old iTunes back.  Can I do so???  Actually, the only reason I updated was so that I could play pix and movies from my camera into iPhoto.  When I did so, it said I had to update other programs to get iPhoto to work.  I am trying very hard not to be very frustrated.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac OS X (10.6.8)