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jspain Level 1 Level 1
hi. if there are no videos or anyting else on the ipod apart from music, will it still only store 7500 songs or will it store more due to no space being taken up by videos. thanks.

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  • Michael Hunthurtz Level 2 Level 2
    It depends on the bit-rate depth of the songs you put on the iPod and also the play time of the songs.
  • Rich Fleming Level 6 Level 6
    Hello jspain, welcome to discussions.

    Your question doesn't have a real answer.
    The number of songs you can fit on your iPod depends on how large the are, how long they are and how they are encoded.

    The Apple estimate of 7500 songs is based on all those songs being 128kbps AAC files of 4 minutes each. No video files, only audio files in this estimate.

    You're free to encode music at just about any bitrate you want. The higher the bitrate, the higher the audio quality, and the larger the file size. This would mean you'd fit less songs on your iPod if they are a higher bitrate.

    Alternatively, a lower bitrate would make the files smaller, and you can fit more of them on the iPod. The sound quality would also be lower.
  • Michael Hunthurtz Level 2 Level 2
    To get a bit more detailed, review the following:

    128 Kbps x 240 Seconds = 30,720 Kb, = 3840 KB, or 3.75 MB/song. Given this, for 4 minute songs, the following approximate numbers are true:

    Assuming 27,500 usable KB remain on the iPod after formatting and core SW install (average avalable space of a 30GB iPod):

    128 Kbps = 7333 songs
    160 Kbps = 5867 songs
    192 Kbps = 4889 songs
    256 Kbps = 3667 songs
    512 Kbps = 1833 songs
  • Michael Hunthurtz Level 2 Level 2
    To be yet even more helpful, since this is all relative, don't limit yourself to my calculations! If you want to figure out how many songs will fit on your iPod based on your own personal configuration of y, use the following:

    [max available KiloBytes] / (((Kbps * [seconds of song])/8)/1024)

    It is important that you don't confuse kilobits and kiloBytes.