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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if there is a way for me to install Snow Leopard (or more recent OS, for all I care), from a mounted disc image from my Mac Pro to a MacBook Pro through Ethernet, because my Mac Pro's optical drive is dead, I lost my SnowLeopard DVD, my MacBook Pro's optical drive is fine but it's hard as **** to find a 8gb DVD nowadays, as hard as finding a Snow Leopard DVD, and of course my Mac Pro's FireWire is busted too.


So I need to install SL through Ethernet from a disc image.

It seems CD and DVD sharing do not let you get mounted disc images.


As I believe it's going to be a pain in the .ss anyway, if I upgrade to Mountain Lion on my Mac Pro (which is currently running Lion), did Apple implement some way of doing a remote installation with the app ?


I'm pretty sure they didn't since I found no alternative while searching on the internet.

All my hope remain within you Apple warriors.


Hope you can help,


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    A Mac server can do it via netboot, but it is an incredibly complex process for one machine, and who wants to buy server & use it once


    Deploy Studio can do the same, but again it is complex, you would need to make a netboot image of the working Mac (and hope it can support both machines) & then you can boot across the network & run the installer. 



    Can't you restore the install.dmg to a USB flash drive or to another disk or partition? I think you use the Restore tab in Disk Utility to copy the image onto the other drive. I think all Macs support USB booting nowadays.


    Otherwise if you can get the Lion installer onto the Mac it can do an install from the internet, but be prepared to wait hours for it.