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When exercising a "sync" what actually happens?


Which batch of files is sacred?


If one device has five files named: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ------- and another device already has files Monday and Tuesday AND THEN ... the two devices are "synced" .... Do they both end up with all five files ... or does device one have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday deleted?


What determines which device is the "dominant" side of the "sync"?

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    There is no "dominant" partner in a sync relationship. The exception is media and apps. Deleting apps or media off of the phone, will not delete it from the iTunes library on the computer. Deleting them from the iTunes libray on the computer WILL delete them from the phone.


    As for things like contacts, changes on one are reflected on the other. When the sync relationship is established, a baseline is set.  After that, all changes made on one are reflected on the other. In the case of a conflict, you will be warned and asked to choose (e.g. a contact record is modified on both the phone and in the address book on your computer).

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    No it didn't solve my question and didn't help me.


    Why are those the only choices?




    The word sync implies that after the function of "syncing" that both devices will have the same files. If there isn't a "dominant" partner then how do I know I won't end up with both devices having only Monday and Tuesday?

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    What is it you're worried about "syncing" between the two? The only "files" you sync are media.


    When any 2 devices are synced, you must start with a baseline. When you get the phone, there will be nothing on it at all. If you "sync" your contacts to it from your computer or a cloud service, It will populate it with the contents of that address book.  When you delete Contacts A, C, and E from the phone, the deletions will be synced to the address book you're syncing with. If you add contacts S and T in the address book you're syncing with, they will be added to the phone.


    I think you're making this more complicated than it has to be.


    After the initial sync, all changes make on one device are reflected on every other device that is set up to sync to the same "source" for lack of a better term.


    Can you explain what your concern is more clearly?  The idea of "files" is an outdated concept when applied to the iPhone. You don't have access to the file system on the phone.

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    KiltedTim --


    We are so far apart as far as the "concept" I am asking about is concerned that I am not going to spend the rest of the day exchanging nonsense.


    Thank you for trying. I will have to find somebody that I can sit down with in front of a couple of computers and discuss and define our terms as we go.


    -- J Dennis

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    Sorry you feel that way. It's not really a terribly difficult concept. I think you have the wrong idea about how the iPhone stores information and how it functions.