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So I bought a refurbished iPod Nano 8GB Silver 6th gen and watch strap to use as a watch and Nike fitness tool.


I didn't like the idea of wearing an arm band with my iPhone or iPod Nano as its only purpose would be for the gym. The solution to wear as a watch seems more useful.


However, I find that while running the headphones sway a lot and want to keep it in place. I tried looking online for arm bands, but everything comes up as a holder for some i-Device.  I know they make sweatbands for your head and wrists, but is it uncommon to wear one around elbows or biceps?


I figured if I can get something to wrap around my bicept or at the very least, my elbow, I can at least contain the wire from moving on my arm. Then I can always run the headphones through my t-shirt and into my ears from there.


Anyone else wearing an iPod nano as a watch? How do you like it? What do you use it for?

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