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I use the support articles pretty often, but in the last month or two I've been getting a lot of redirects instead, to a prompt page telling me to sign in to Apple Support.


For example, when accessing...



...I get redirected to...



...instead of the article. If I supply (not sure why) my Apple ID info, I get sent to...

https://daw.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/DSAuthWeb.woa/689/wo/fneRiuQGRqk2bh0Xmz tnyM/


...then I immediately bounced back to the login again. Being redirected to the prompt pretty much always results in the loop.


It seems to happen more often in Firefox (17.0.1) than in Safari (6.0.2). So far I've narrowed the remedy to deleting cookies matching an 'apple' string. This isn't my forte, but I'll keep trying for a proper fix over circumvention/symptom solves.