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I'm trying to simply copy some music onto my iPhone - or "sync" it I guess. iTunes is telling me that my iPhone is syced with another iTunes library (no idea, I only have one).


If I want to sync it to "this" library, I have to first "erase the iPhone." Then: "Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPhone with the contents of this iTunes library."


What does "erasing your iPhone" mean? That sounds all encompassing, like it will erase literally everything on the phone. Or does it mean just other music? Or does it mean anything associated with iTunes, such as photos and videos too?


Please help!

iPhone 4S
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    it will replace all the music and your library with the library you are trying to sync now. it also replaces anything you purchased however which includes your apps.. so you might lose some app data if you do that


    but there is this workaround for that: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/syncing-ios-apps-with-a-diffe rent-computer/


    your pictures and videos should stay untouched tho


    but just to make sure you can always back everything up to icloud before syncing and then if you lose the photos you can just restore them back from the icloud backup... but it shouldnt delete your photos

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    Thanks for your reply. I backed up my phone via iTunes with the intention of restoring in case a lot of data/apps were lost. I was not worried about music being erased because it was empty anyway.


    I hit the "erase & sync" with fingers crossed. It appears as if nothing was lost. It may have swept the Music app clean before syncing, but again it was empty anyway.


    I guess it's all fine for now. Thank you.