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We have bought new ipad for parents - MD510B Model version 6.0.1 - and have reset it as we're not able to get it to find its location. We are connected to Wi-Fi router and have tried it at my own house with different router. Setting time to auto after we've set the time zone manually makes the time zone 'arrow' turn into the 'searching' circle continuously and sort of confirms that the ipad is not seeing its location.

The email, internet and facetime can work but maps and google earth do not centre on our location. Surely this is not because it is not a cellular model and only wifi?

My own ipad has a chip and therefore finds itself ok but why doesn't the new one? Help anyone please

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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The GPS function for your "location" only works with the cellular signal suuplied by the 3G mobile provider thru the SIM.  Sorry, but a WiFi only iPad won't find its location.

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