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unable to talk to lsboxd...... what is that???

Mac mini
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    I found this that may help.


    Recently, when I happened to check the Console logs for my Mac Pro, I noticed a repeating series of error messages that I had never seen before:

    mdworker: Unable to talk to lsboxd

    sandboxd: mdworker deny mach-lookup com.apple.ls.boxd

    According to several web postings (such as this one), these messages first started popping up after installing Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Some users (including myself) have no symptoms associated with these messages. Others report problems ranging from a failure of the Mac to wake from sleep to random re-indexing of Spotlight (which is understandable, as mdworker is part of the underlying indexing software for Spotlight).

    A fix that appears to eliminate (or at least vastly reduce the frequency of) these messages is to start up in Safe Mode and, when complete, restart again as normal. During a Safe Boot, the Mac forces a directory check of your drive, making repairs as needed—similar to what you could do from Disk Utility. A Safe Boot also deletes assorted temporary cache files. I’m guessing that one of these actions accounts for why a Safe Boot has a beneficial effect here.

    As to the precise reason that the error messages occur in the first place, once again no one seems to have a clue.

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    yeah thats def the message i see but since getting this mini brand new for christmas i havent had 1 problem out of it at all and each night i just put it in sleep mode,ive never shut it down completly or anything but have never had 1 single issue...so not sure if i should worry about that message or not bein as no issues..