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Hello everyone, I'm new the the forums but I think I found the right place to put this.  I'm losing my mind with this set up - if you have VPN on your mac setup and can offer any kind of advice, Its greatly appreciated:


As of now when I test VPN on my iPhone 5 over 3/4G...it says connecting...authenticating...and then that I've been disconnected..




1) iMac (running the OSX server App , Mountain Lion v10.8.2)


2) iPhon 5


3) MacBook Air


4) Airport express new model (looks like a while apple tv)




1) Connect external hard drive to iMac, run the server, and allow access to files via VPN to MBA / phone


2) Create a secure network for browsing



OK so starting with the airport -


Router Mode: DHCP & NAT

DHCP Range: to

DHCP reservations: Server is at (static...right?)

                               MBA is at (static...right?)


Port Settings: Screen Sharing


                     File Sharing


All ports are good and open (VPN has UDP 500,1700, and 4500 open and TCP 1723 open.  The private IP address is, same as static above)


Connection Type: DHCP

IPv4 Address: 68.53.162.XXX

Router Address: 68.53.162.X

Domain Name: some website from comcast



Ok now on the server:


Server Pane - Network


Host name:  XXXX.server.private

Interfaces: WIFI connection at IP


DNS Pane


Host Names: XXXX.server.private



VPN Pane:


Configure VPN for L2TP

VPN Host Name: 68.53.162.XXX (routers IP address..green light is on)

Shared Secret: XXXXXX

Client Addresses 31 for L2TP

DNS Settings: 1 Server, 1 domain.  (server is , server static IP)

Routes: No routes configured.



Now...I go to my iphone 5...


Server: 68.53.162.XXX ( I'm asking it to sign into my router, is this correct?)


all other information inputed correctly, proxy is off, send all traffic is on.




what am I doing wrong? this has to be a simple fix? should I be using my routers IP ending in 1 digit? or the IPv4 address ending in 3?


Any help would be appreciated , thanks so much

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi there


    According to this Apple document




    you don't have (all) the correct ports open. Specifically you say UDP 1700 the document says UDP 1701 — for L2TP.


    Also it would be beneficial to save the configuration file in the server app and then mail it to your client machines, they can then import it. Will help to ensure client machines have your specific setup.


    Let us know how you go.

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    Thanks FromOZ, sorry, typo its supposed to be 1701.  I just checked the rest of the document for typos haha..thank you for the reply!


    Back to the drawing board

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    Try saving the configuration file and push it out to clients, that way you know they are running the config expected by the server VPN.


    Then look at log files on server while a client tries to connect and see if there is any enlightenment there.


    Look at log files on the client.


    If you get really stuck you could run a network sniffer tool — WireShark is good and has OS X app — to see what is happening on the client during it's attempts to connect.


    Good luck! If you get it solved please come back and advise what was solution for next person who perhaps gets in same trouble.