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I got this problem from yesterday. When I open mails or safari or any applications they would close all of sudden.

even my messages no longer works and I can't send a text to anyone.

When I go to settings everything seems fine and ios 6 is up to date, in the mail and contact settings though it says they are synching somewhere.

It shouldn't be by my macbook pro, cause there was never such a problem plus in my itunes on my mac I didn't check the box for synching mail and contacts.


The new thing that I've done yesterday is that I set up a hp touch desktop with win8 in which I set up mail app and google chrome account.

on google chrome it said it would sync my bookmarks and .. from all other devices.


Could that be the reason that my iphone is so cracked now?

It is kind of nonsense though.


plz help me

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    I'm also having the same problems.  My apps are crashing all of sudden when I've never had a problem before. my phone is also restarting it self whenever it feels like it.  I've been looking around but can't find anything. If you find something that works please let me know.

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    apps crashing on your phone will have nothing to do with your device. It's most likely that you have apps that are running out of app memory, and the best solution would be to restore your device as new through itunes.

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    I would love to do that but i tunes wont download the software. It keeps saying I have bad internet connection as soon as it's done downloading.It also says that files are corput  My apps have lots of room I have over 8gbs of space left on my phone.

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    it's not the actual capacity of your phone that's running out. it's like how your computer has RAM and also a hard drive. Your RAM dictates whether or not you can run processes, your hard drive determines if you have space to download new information. Think of it like your computer running out of RAM


    if you cannot restore your device using your computer, try using a different one. If your computer is saying that you can't do this process, it's an even better indication of what I'm saying - that there's an issue with the software of your device. Corrupted data can cause your apps to crash, which is why you need a fresh start

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    would some one plz talk about my problem?

    even if I delete some apps and make more storage it didn't help


    when I go to my settings for mails,contacts

    there 's a message says they are synching


    I am sure that's the reason I cannot access anything

    but why did that happen?

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    Hey thanks

    That really worked


    Good luck to u

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    I have tried from 2 different computers and still the same problems.  I even cleaned out my computer by defraging and disk cleaning and still getting the same "coropt" data error.  I'm taking my phone to sprint to see if they can do anything because I'm starting to get upset that my phone is running slow now and half my apps dont work and my phone randomly restarts it self.

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    well after 2 hours on the phone will apple I now have to take my phone to an apple store which is 2 1/2 hours way so they can either try and fix it or give me  a new one.  The thing that makes me mad is apple doesn't want their phone carriers to fix their phones but they have very few stores so people have to take time off of work to drive to the apple store waste gas and time and money to get there when they should be able to fix the problems in the carriers store. why sell them in other stores if your not going to allow them to fix them like other phone makers. Just upstets me that its this much of a hassle to get the problem fixed.

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    What makes you think Apple doesn't want carriers to fix their phones? Why is it Apple's fault that carriers have policies in place that say that they will not fix iPhones? I understand that it's frustrating, but there are 2 sides to every story. And because some carriers do not replace iphones, Apple has mail-in options in place. They know that there aren't a whole lot of stores, and that's why they have other service options for when you're far away from them so you don't waste time and gas and have to take off of work

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    I know for a fact apple doesn't want carriers fixing their phones. My carrier even warned me that they can't fix the phones only apple stores can fix them. Well guess what I just wasted my whole day by driving to an apple store they "fixed" my phone I got home and it started doing the same **** things they didn't fix **** now I have to waste even more time by finding a ups store to ship my phone to apple so that means I'm going to be out of a phone for over a week because they never fixed it or replaced it like they should have. I'm so upset with apple that if this new phone does the same things were dropping apple and are going to samsung. I wasted 4 hours driving and $40 in gas and 6 hours of my time for nothing. Apple needs to put in more store around the country if their not going to let the carriers fix the phones them selves.

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    Just because the carriers will not fix the phone does not mean that it was Apple's decision to prevent them from doing so. Several carriers have repair depots that fix iPhones, it seems like you're just dealing with a particular carrier that chooses not to do so.

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    They might fix them but I will void all warrenty you have with apple.  If you bought apple care, apple stores or apple headqaurters has to fix them. trust me I've been dealing with them for awhile now and because the apple store employess didn't how to fix my phone, my phone is now at apple in Cali so they can send me a new one like I should of got in the first place. It's honestly a big hassle and I doubt I'm going to upgrade to a new iphone I'm going to switch to a phone that will let me my carrier actaully fix or replace the phone when need be.