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compatible with my mac book pro and keynote '09.  I tried to use keynote '09 with just my mac book pro screen and could not get both the control panal for gotowebinar and the full slideshow for keynote to show for the audience.  I thought it was a question of space so that is why i got the larger secondary monitor.  now the mouse is weird and won;t automatically go up to the secondary monitor and I can;t get the both the gotowebinar control panel and the slideshow up at the same time.  gotowebinar techs say that I should be able to put the control panel on the secondary monitor and keep the slideshow on the laptop screen but they were not able to help me figure that out...we tried all kinds of combinations in keynote preferences to no avail.  can anyone help? it is veyr frustrating...thanks, Myran

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.5), keynote 09