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I have updated to iOS 6.0.2. I use it for like 2-3 minutes and my battery goes of 2-3 % immidiately. Why is this happening. I keep it overnight without any use. It cuts 10% of my battery. Please help me

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    In order to assist with your problem, could you provide further details like do you have your email on your phone set to manual instead of push, do you use auto brightness, have you let your phone go flat twice till it switches itself off and then fully charged again until the battery indicator looks like a plug instead of just a lightning picture. Have you reset the settings on your phone ( not erase all content and reset phone ) the first option in general : reset : Reset All Settings


    In addition, have your auto lock set to 1minute, have the fetch function set to manual in the advanced settings of your mail.


    I hope this points you in the direction towards a resolution

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    I'm having my push email settings on. Fetch settings are manual.

    Yes i use auto brightness. I have let my phone go flat 0% only for ONCE and then charged it till 100%. Its only 22 days since i bought the phone.

    Yes I have reset all settings TWICE as you have specified. I did it once without killing all apps and one after killing all apps and then charged it to 100%.

    N yes auto lock is set up to 1 minute.


    So now can you help me further please. Is there anything which can be done?

    Please help me as I'm a hardcore user of my iPhone and I have to charge my phone twice a day.


    N also wanted to inquire about an app I use. 'Battery Doctor'  it suggests to charge battery for more 40 minutes even after reaching 100%. Although i rearely do it. Guide me throgh this also please.

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    @ razor22


    Hello again, okay to continue from my earlier post we will start with the mail thing setting be setting.


    Settings : Mail, Contacts, Calendars : Fetch New Data ( Push should be off, fetch set to manual ) : Advanced ( click your account : manual )


    The push setting only works if your email account is connected to an exchange server.


    The next thing we will look at is your privacy settings : location services : system services : depending on your carrier most of these should be off ( the only one I have on is mobile network search and setting time zone ) if you have apps that require location settings on and you don't use them regularly switch those ones to off as the app will prompt you if it requires location services on for full functionality of the app.


    I've done a little research on the battery doctor application and from what I can tell, the program is quite accurate with the advice that it gives with the only drawback reported thus far is that the graphs record accurate partial charges but are out by a few percent on a full charge.  The extra 40 mins charging will give the battery a deep charge ( cycle ) and a reminder can be set so the app will tell you when the battery needs it. 

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    Thank you so much for the support.

    I have one question. You asked me to set every mail account fetch to manual in advance settings. Does this mean that I will have to open mail app every time to know whether I recieved a new mail?? I mean. It won't notify me in the notifications centre and show a badge notification without opening mail or play the mail ringtone. Right?? If the answer to this question is yes. I want to have my mails to be notified. So i haveto turn the fetch on? Will it make that much difference to my battery? Basically I'm a bit confused about the meaning of manual in this context here

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    If you have the need to be notified of new mail and if you arent using an exchange server ( as this supports push ) and to aid in battery life set your fetch time less frequent as in every 30minutes or hourly.  It shouldnt make that much difference but just keep an eye on it and play with it a little like if you have it set to 15minutes and it drains your battery then maybe try 30minutes.


    I hope this has answered your question.