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Although my iPhone is connected to the Wifi (Hotspot by Macbook) neither Safari nor Whatsapp work nor anything else.  It only works if I delete the password of the Wifi, but than it is open for everyone. It used to work with a WPA2 password as well, but all of a sudden no matter how often I change the password or the channel, the iPhone won't be able to get a 'real' connection. Only if I take out the password completely. I've no idea why that is, because the iPhone works with any other Wifi and the Macbook created the Hotspot and it works if there's no password and it used to work with a password too... So I'm really confused what the reason could be.


Suggestions how to solve this problem are highly apreciated!



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2
  • karebu Level 1 (30 points)

    trying to forget the wifi settings on your iphone and reconnect.


    you do so by going settings, wifi, tap the > arrow on your hotspot network and tap forget this network.

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    Thanks! Did not work :/

  • karebu Level 1 (30 points)

    my last resorts would be to

    1) restart phone and mac and try reconnecting

    2) change security mode from WPA to WEP and so on

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    Yes, I tried that too and I also resetted my iPhone Network Settings and I tried about any combination of channel and password. It seems like I messed it up, because now it does not even work if I create an open hotspot. The iPhone has full conectivity (the sign in the top has 3 bars) but I cannot load any webpage or connect to Whatsapp. Any other Wifi still works though.


    Thanks for the help