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I was using my new Ipad last night and was redirected to a site called badoink.com.  It was a **** site.  I thought Apple products could not get viruses.  What can I do to make sure I clear this off my Ipad?

iPad, iOS 6
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    Its not a virus, and likely isn't on yuor iPad at all, but in the router or DNS table you are using to get to the internet. It's possible it is in the web data or a cookie as a result of another site you visited, so it would make sense to look into that first:


    1. Open the Settings app > Safari. Tap Clear History, then Clear Cookies and Data.
    2. Tap on Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data.

    Adnitedly the last step may not be necessary, but I would cleat the data anyway.


    If this doesn't work, you may need to check your router.

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    Thanks for the info.  I did step 1 last night and so far so good.  Would removing all website data remove my email?

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    No - it will only impact data stored from web pages. The mail app (or other apps) will not be effected. However, if the other steps appear to have resolved the issue for you, deleting website data may not be necessary.

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    Thanks for your help.  I'll wait and see if it comes back before I delete the website data

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    it sounds like exactly what happened to my iphone - you are being redirected by a bad mobile server to an "unwanted" site.


    most of the "clear your ipad" advice WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM, because it doesn't originate inside your ipad.  (cleaning up is not a bad idea, but in this case, it's a waste of time and effort, because most people report that the redirection keeps happening afterwards anyway.)


    the bad server redirects ONLY "mobile safari" clients as far as i can tell, and some reports are that it only does so randomly, which may or may not be true.  (i experienced consistent redirection from 2 different idevices, but your actual mileage may vary.)


    1) you can block the "adult content" fairly effectively by following these instructions <http://www.internetsafetyproject.org/wiki/setting-opendns-ios-ipod-ipad-wifi-onl y> to change to a "family safe" dns server.  you will still be hijacked, but you won't see the offensive content. (all i got was blank screens, which was an improvement.)


    2) contact the owner of the web site and tell them what you are experiencing.  the key is that idevices (not sure about android, etc.) are being hijacked, but desktops are not, so they (or their hosting provider) need to look at their mobile server fairly urgently.  and if they don't believe you, have them try it from a browser where they can vary the "user agent" between different versions, including "mobile safari for iphone" and just regular "safari" for mac or windows. (a competent techie will have no problem doing this, but the reaction will be colourful.)  once they believe, it's not hard to shut down the compromised mobile server.


    good luck.

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    I too watch **** and im also tired of badoink. There should be a way to turn off redirect to app store from safari or crome. Or atleast the browser should ask if you want to jump to app store.


    Honestly apple!! You are blocking the word ****? What about ***** or sex...seriously!

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    you aren't being redirected to the real app store. 


    if you look at the url (you may need to turn the toolbar back on from the view menu), you'll see that you're at some other site, which is a careful copy of the exact look of the app store, with all the bells and whistles.  (sample screens, reviews, and star ratings, etc.)  the only obvious difference is that apple has never allowed such explicit content in the real app store.


    i did not click on their button to buy the app, so i don't know if they're honestly just selling the app for $1.99 (and then charging for the adult content), but it's definitely not the real app store, so i'd be very careful with giving them credit card information.

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    OK, here is what I did to fix this problem. As it turned out it was NOT a iPhone issue. It is a router issue. You will need to reset your router to factory defaults and reset up your wireless.


    Apparently this issue is due to a hacked router issue.


    In my case every time I opened Scramble With Friends i was redirected to the Badoink junk app.


    After resetting the router and updating the firmware I am good to go now. PHEW!!


    I still don't know how it chooses the iPhone app to trigger the redirect, but it is a nasty situation.....literally.


    Interestingly enough a web comic I read was blocked by my computer as "dangerous" about a week prior. not sure if that is how it got in or not.


    /shrug, Hope this helps.

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    if that works for you, but that wasn't the case here.  resetting the router did nothing, the "problem" also occurred on cellular data (bypassing the router entirely), and on the website owner's iphone on the other side of town. (different router, different dns, etc.) 


    the problem did go away when the hosting company took down their mobi server, and hasn't come back.





    ps.  why ios?  because they're supposedly trying to sell an ios **** app, and the web page that you get hijacked to is carefully crafted to look like the apple app store. (several posters appear to have been fooled into thinking it was the app store.)  hijacking anybody else would be pointless, and needlessly increase the likelihood of their getting busted.

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    This worked for me. Thanks.