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We have 50 iPads for field engineers which we want to 'see' on a single map whilst at the same time allowing them to have their own Apple ID's for purchases etc.  It appear though that you can only have a single iCloud account on each iPad.  Does anyone have a solution, or is there a 3rd party App that can display multiple iPads/iPhones on a single map on the web?


Many thanks...

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    single itunes account for iclould "find my iphone"

    users can have individual icloud or itunes accounts


    the one problem is if you add the company "find my iphone" icloud account first

    it becomes the default icloud account in settings, to easy for users to alter

    and end up sharing calandars etc accross the whole company


    to get around this add the company find my iphone account after user icloud account is setup

    and only enable find my iphone on the company iclould account


    to add additional icloud accounts go to settings mail contacts calendars

    add account , choose icloud

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    Many thanks iToaster, this worked.  However, I'm a bit confused now regarding how many iPads you can set up to use a single company Apple ID, so stuff on the web implies that there is a limit of 10, although I've set more than this up and have no error messages as yet?

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    I read something about this restriction.


    You call apple sales person to have them up or eliminate the restriction.


    Seems there is a limit to enrollment from the same ip address.  Could be not a problem in your situation.  Could be you use different ip addresses everytime you go to the internet.


    It's all a little vage now.