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Hi folks,


I have a particular problem that's been bugging me lately: my calendar is all screwed up.  I live in the Central Time Zone, but often travel back to the Eastern Time Zone.  The problem I have is pretty simple: when I schedule things in my calendar, I schedule them for the time I need to be there.


The most recent example: while on the road, I had a referral finally come through.  So I made the appointment when I received the call, and the appointment was obviously back home.  I entered it for 10 am, but when I traveled back home, my calendar displayed it as 9 am.  I caught it this time, but that was a first.


Maybe this is a helpful feature for others, but I find that I never need it.  I am always scheduling things for local time.  I can't even imagine a scenario where I'd need a feature like this -- I'm sure they exist, but not for me.


I can't tell if this is an iOS feature, a Google Calendar feature (I sync my Google Calendar with Calendar.app on iOS, although I pretty much add and edit appointments on iOS) or a conflict created between the two.


If anyone has ideas on how to handle this, I'd appreciate it.