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Please someone or Apple support!! Do the action !! Started sine Sep 2012. Due to i changed my Internet packet. Before it was Unlimitated to be using internet per house. Then it mean i have to turn on and off cellulatada in my iphone. Then i found that if i didnt turn on the internet my phone is NO SERVICE. Look like it just cannot find the signal. Even i tried to put my simcard in to the other phone. the result is the simcard it work! So it mean the ptoblem is from the phone!! If i guess i would say that because of the new software update ( ios . 6 something ) make my phone suck!! And if you want to give to the service center to fix it. They said they would fix anything on Iphone they can only change and give you the new iphone which is cost you 8,000 thai baht. So what it mean?? I update my new software which is sent from Apple. Then come out my phone is doesnt work and i pay for the replace one to Apple. Reply!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1