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My name is Gavin Brinck.  I have been fishing in the pc market for about 6 months.  I just bought a BEAST of a PC with all the parts.  I assembled everything, and seemingly the motherboard is fried.  That's another story.


I am looking into the mac mini, seeing as I have a nice HDTV + HDMI cable as well as a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse bundle to use with it.  I am intyerested in audio recroding, mostly guitar, vocals, and hopefully MIDI controlling in the future.  I like the idea that the mac mini can be a very portable device. 

I will be using it to write, record music, play Starcraft 2 HOTS as well as surf, research, and continue to learn.  I am on a budget and am looking into my options. 


Is audacity(free music recording software) decent?  Do I really need 8 GB of RAM?  In the future I will probably get an external harddrive for storing all of my information.  I am also looking into getting a camera.  WILL THE MAC MINI FIT MY NEEDS??  I do not need a mac pro, and the mac air does not have hdmi .  I think I have found a decent solution.  Please help!  Thank you.


all the best.


-Gavin Brinck

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), audio recording/editing, gaming
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    Hello Gavin,


    Be aware that the Mini inputs are Line level.


    Midi control is built in.


    Open Audio Midi Setup in Applications>Utilities, see the input & output options & KHz setting there.


    Tough to say on the 8 GB, but I'd call that minimum today, but you can add your own...



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    In addition to BDAqua:


    You will probably want to purchase and use an external "sound card" or DAC via USB or FireWire to get decent audio quality from external sources into the Mac.


    Audacity is sort of an 'industry standard', but not for complex recording purposes as I read in (and in between) your lines. Free on bord with a new Mac will be Garageband. Once you've got your head around it, you'll love it.


    Gaming - I have no clue, but don't expect the lower-end models of Macs ideal for heavy gaming... even the higher-end versions can lack, depending on the games. Check around here and elsewhere, there are gazillions of gamer forums.


    Budget & portability: Keep in mind that for a Mini you'll need an external screen, and if that's supposed to be your TV, make sure it accepts data (PC or Mac) signals on HDMI. Or has DVI as well. Otherwise disappointment - not due to Apple!

    Eventually take a look at MacBook Pros, they are portable, do come with a screen, and can do more than an Air - depending on model.