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Hi, if someone could help me with this asap that would be so helpful?!

Basically I'm having a problem with the frame rate in Final Cut Express. I was using 3 different Sequences to edit different clips/audio in. I then wanted to put them all in to the same Sequence but when I did the clips were flashing different colours and wouldn't play properly. All of the clips were 30fps however the project frame rate was 29.97fps? How did the frame rate of the project change because I didn't know you could change it and how can I change it back?! Thansk :-)

Final Cut Express 4, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    May be I'm 100% wrong but


    NTSC = 29.97 frames per second


    Most often this is refered as 30 fps


    I never had any audio sync problem by using 30fps in 29.97fps projects.


    Yours Bengt W

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    29.97fps is the actual frame rate for NTSC (North American) video.  It has historically been called "30fps" for convenience sake.  However in recent years true 30fps capability has appeared even in some consumer camcorders.  This can result in some subtle problems if you mix real 30fps material in a standard 29.97fps sequence.  The "change" you refer to could occur if your clips were recorded at a real 30fps and you put them in a 29.97fps sequence.  FCE will try to conform the clips to the sequence settings.


    For completeness, here is what FCE supports:


    SD video at the following frame rates.  FCE imports DV video as QuickTime/Apple DV during capture from your camcorder

    • DV-NTSC @ 29.97 fps
    • DV-PAL @ 25 fps


    HD video at the following frame rates.  FCE transcodes all HD video (HDV and AVCHD)  to QuickTime/Apple Intermediate Codec during capture from your camcorder.

    • 720p25,
    • 720p30
    • 1080i50
    • 1080i60