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  • TyJo uhhh Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks.  It seems to only come out of sleep for 15-40 seconds when switching to ac power/battery and back, annoying but not a huge deal for me currently.  It must come out of sleep to detect changes and what not.

  • jmorley Level 1 Level 1

    I agree that it's not the biggest issue and can be worked around. Still, it's the only laptop tat I know that "has" to do this, and is annoyingly random behaviour. The latest Mountain Lion update hasn't fixed it.

  • twin42 Level 1 Level 1

    I've got a MBP mid 2012 and the very same sleep issue (i.e. waking from sleep briefly when switching power source). I've been telephoning apple care for a year now, even sent it to repair but no luck. Today, I finally got confirmed it's a setting. Apparently it's a matter of switching between different hibernation modes. The good news: you should be able to set it!


    For those who want their old sleep-mode back: put "sudo  pmset -a hibernatemode 0" in Terminal. Then remove old sleep image with "sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage". The downside: your computer will need more battery while sleeping because the RAM remains active.


    Let me know if this works for you.

  • piii666 Level 1 Level 1

    It will probably work, however it has more negative impacts ppl should know about:

    - if you leave the mac sleeping too long on battery or

    - in case of sudden power down (for some reason)

    mac will turn off and since RAM wasn't written on disk, you will loose the session along with unwritten jobs etc.


    The 0 settings if very very old setting, pre 2005 I guess, here is short description of values:

    • 0 - Old style sleep mode, with RAM powered on while sleeping, safe sleep disabled, and super-fast wake.
    • 1 - Hibernation mode, with RAM contents written to disk, system totally shut down while “sleeping,” and slower wake up, due to reading the contents of RAM off the hard drive.
    • 3 - The default mode on machines introduced since about fall 2005. RAM is powered on while sleeping, but RAM contents are also written to disk before sleeping. In the event of total power loss, the system enters hibernation mode automatically.


    (above description taken from this page)


    The mode '3' - is the best, but Apple guys has broken something and every power source change cause re-write to disk. I bet, that even having '0' the mac will still wake up but for shorter time, maybe even hard disk will spin up? - can you check that, twin42?



  • twin42 Level 1 Level 1

    yes, you're right piii66. Thought I finally had a solution But it still wakes, the HD spins, just a little more briefly.

    Interestingly, apple does not reply to me anymore since I told them ... last thing I heard was the brief waking is expected behavior in mode 3 and should go away in mode 0.

    A related issue: battery use should be considerably less in mode 3. However, for me at least, battery use is the same in both hibernate modes -- another weird thing!

    And finally, it's not only power source changes that cause waking/disk spinning: also closing the lid without changing power source.

    -- Is that true for other mid-2012 MPBs?

    No other MBP I can find around me (none is mid-2012) does  display this behavior.

  • piii666 Level 1 Level 1

    twin42, I knew it - too bad for you and the rest of us


    On old Macbook black running Lion it worked correctly. 6mo ago I bought Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion and discovered this strange behaviour (when I heard this awful clicking sound of hard drive while packing my macbook to backpack after power detach).

    In my previous post I elaborated more about this, however, it seems that this strange behaviour was introduced along with the patch to ML around fall 2012. The guys at Apple care don't know about this behaviour or at least pretend so. Finally when I sent a movie illustrating the problem + 2 serial numbers of two different macbooks bought in separate countries having the same issue, then they belived me. However, the ping-pong ended with: "not a bug, it is a feature" and encouraged me to issue feedback ticket @ so engineering could change the behaviour. My support ticket number for this problem was: #422824115 (Polish branch of Apple) - maybe it will save you some time explaining Apple Support what is the problem.

  • cheetah-ozu Level 1 Level 1

    My machine: MacBook Pro, OSX 10.8, 2012, all system updates done.




    -- Always, before:


    **  Only when plugged in to AC **, the machine went to hibernate mode if no activity after some time (I saw later it's 4 hours), But ok, I did not take time to see why it went in this state, and not when it was sleeping more than four hours with only the battery. More logical, no ?


    -- Since a week or two, the same, but as a gift cannot wake up !! I have to reboot. A nice bug, thanks.



    So I had a look at "pmset", read here, and there...


    I have setup hibernate mode to 25 (bad !), 3, and 0. Idem ! Tests, reboot, what a nice OSX, the best OS, they say, a serious problem...


    So now, I put the more I can to avoid this buggy hibernate state I do not ask for, avoid this 4g image too =>


    autopoweroff              0

    autopoweroffdelay    0

    standbydelay             0

    standby                       0

    hibernatemode          0

    hibernatefile               /nodir/sleepimage


    (at the command line, "$ pmset -a parameter value").



    So let's wait, let's see. Without any system and professionnal documentation from Apple, as usual...

    Hopefully, "vi" ans "macports" exist :-)

  • piii666 Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone hoping the newest version OS X (i.e. Maverics) fixes the problem I have bad news - it doesn't. What's more it takes 2 times more time to back to sleep after adapter attach/detach.


    I've tried playing with pmset options - no luck either.

  • thairia Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here with my old MBP. After many services they finally replace it with a new one but it happen again! And yes, the Maverics doesn't fixes the problem! I also disable the hibernate but still nothing!

  • juliangomeza Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here!


    Maybe is some feature that prepares the system to work with or without AC/Battery mode?


    Apple should clarified this as a feature!


    Or they silence means that it is really a problem and they don't want to acknowledge!

  • kerrun Level 1 Level 1

    I have same situation with my MacBook Pro 15' (Mid2012) / OS X 10.9(13A603) recently. I did SMC reset, check and apply every measures I could do, however, the situation did not change. It did not appear when I updated to OSX 10.9. Is Apple or anyone know the countermeasures for this situation ?


    sudo pmset -g log by Terminal is as follows;


    Active Profiles:

    Battery Power        -1

    AC Power        -1*

    Currently in use:

    standbydelay         86400

    standby              1

    womp                 0

    halfdim              1

    hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage

    gpuswitch            2

    sms                  1

    networkoversleep     0

    disksleep            10

    sleep                10

    autopoweroffdelay    14400

    hibernatemode        0

    autopoweroff         1

    ttyskeepawake        1

    displaysleep         10

    acwake               0

    lidwake              1


    Copy of the log of the power management of Console, when I closed the lid to make MBP sleep,  connect MagSafe adapter,  then, MBP automatically wake up by itself, is as follows:


    Dec 13 21:19:12 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: Clamshell Sleep: Using BATT (Charge:62%)

    Dec 13 21:19:16 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: PMConnection: Response from is slow (powercaps:0x0)

    Dec 13 21:19:16 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: Clients requested wake events: None

    Dec 13 21:19:29 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: Summary- [System: DeclUser kDisp] Using AC

    Dec 13 21:19:31 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: DarkWake [CDN] due to EC.ACAttach/Maintenance: Using AC (Charge:62%)

    Dec 13 21:19:31(computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: Kernel: Response from powerd is slow (powercaps:0x0)

    Dec 13 21:19:31 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: PID 16(powerd) Created InternalPreventSleep "" 00:00:00  id:0xe00000663 [System: DeclUser SRPrevSleep kCPU kDisp]

    Dec 13 21:19:40 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: DarkWake to FullWake [CDNVA] due to HID Activity: Using AC (Charge:62%)

    Dec 13 21:20:16 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: PID 16(powerd) TimedOut InternalPreventSleep "" 00:00:44  id:0xe00000663 [System: DeclUser SRPrevSleep kCPU kDisp]

    Dec 13 21:20:16 (computer name) .local powerd[16] <Notice>: PID 16(powerd) Released InternalPreventSleep "" 00:00:44  id:0xe00000663 [System: DeclUser SRPrevSleep kCPU kDisp]


    I foound following articles and tried to delete following 3 preference files, however, the situation did not change.





  • piii666 Level 1 Level 1

    My guess is that Apple does know about it and don't want to change that. My second guess is that:

    - they want to have logs when power source changed

    - they assume that HDD will obsolete soon, and SSD will replace them

    - they start to perceive laptops as mobile devices, like phones and tablets - those devices almost never power down, just sleep and from time to time briefly awake to log what's going on + display nice battery status if you put the plug in.


    So, I think this is a matter of times we live in, the only hard (double meaning ) thing is HDD - which can be damaged after power adapter detach and someone wants to move laptop into backpack or sth. For those folks having SSD it doesn't matter... Of course, I have HDD and this 'feature' is what I don't like. As my own countermeasure I have changed the following settings using pmset:


    hibernatemode    0
    standby          0
    standbydelay     43200


    Those settings don't fix the problem, but they minimalize awake time + make quicker start from sleep, as deep hibernation is turned off. I.e. RAM is not being written to hard drive, so it is more risky when battery dies - though I haven't checked if battery is getting real low the RAM will be written to disk (old black macbook did that).

  • kerrun Level 1 Level 1

    I contacted Apple Support. They had tried same machine and informed me that same phenomenon did not happen and asked me to do hardware diagnostic. Accordingly, I did hardware diagonostic and no problem reported. I contacted the support again and informed the result. They suggested to send my MBP repair.

    As a last resort I can do, I made a clean install of Mavericks. However, the phenomenon still continue.

  • C.Poem Level 1 Level 1

    I just bought a refurb MBP 2012 and have the same issue. Its pretty annoying, but I can deal with it if there is no  resolution.

  • kerrun Level 1 Level 1

    Mor than 2 weeks after sending My MBP Mid2012 to Apple Repair Center, it was returned to me.  Product repair summary said that it is within Apple specification and no repair applied.

    If you experience the same phenomenon, it is so called "Apple's specification" and there are no resolution