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We have set up a mac mini with OSX Server  for our small office (only 4 employees).

I have created various folders to keep our jobs and have set the permissions accordingly. I have  opened the server app and propagated the permissions down to the children.

Here's where I'm not sure what's happening: When one of my employees creates a new folder on the server (under one of the main folders) they can copy files into this folder but if I or anyone else tries to alter the folder (change the name, delete a file) it won't let us. I (I'm the admin) open the server app, click on the main folder and then propogate the permissions (again) to the child folders. Everything works unitl a new folder is created or a new file is saved onto the server.


Our setup: Server>2013 Jobs Folder> Inside this are numerous individual job folders by client name. When files are added to a client folder or a new client folder is created, no one (including the admin) can make changes to that folder. Once the admin propagates the permissions to all the client folders, everything works fine


Thanks for your help.


- Jeff

27" iMac, 3.2 GHz i3, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    If I understand your issue correctly, I might recommend you establish a common workgroup folder structure for everyone to be able to contribute. Individual user's folders seem to have that issue of being protected from anyone else. It has been my experience that they can be given wide permissions for everyone, but as you say, when something is changed/added. it seems to implicitly protect that form that moment on and anyone accessing it needs to have permissions explicitly re-entered. Obviously not a viable solution. I don't know if that characteristic is a bug, oversight or a "feature" of unix-based file systems. 


    So what I did was create a workgroup with a common folder. Go under "Groups" on the main Server bar under "Accounts" and you will see the ability to crate a group, assign users and create a shared folder for that group. That seemed to work best for me. See if that works for you.


    Good luck!