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I was hit good with a weird virus to XP that locks the system in about 4 minutes and somehow the ports to my USB are inactive as well for copying files.  The guys at the Geek Squad recommended Safe Mode and saving my file, but that only locks up the computer immediately with this virus and I can't get rid of it.  So I'm on 2nd generation iPod Shuffle and when I plug it into the new Windows 7 laptop with the newly downloaded iTunes, the system says I have to restore the device, which means it wipes the iPod out and you have to reload all the purchases, but without saving my library I'm in a catch 22.  This is a weird situation.  I just need Apple to let the iTunes download all my purchases again on the new laptop because I don't have anyway to use the device to transfer them or to save them from the original computer.  Anyone seen this one before?  I don't see where Apple will let that happen so far in anything I read. 

iPod shuffle, Windows 7