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My mother is not a very tech savvy person. We recently upgraded her Windows PC to a Macbook Pro. A few days ago she went to some website about working from home. I'm pretty sure it was a scam website. Anyway after that the keyboard started acting weird.


Certain keys will either not work or just type random keystrokes. The keys that I know of are


7= 123477


J= adfgjs

M= Will sometimes minimize the active window and other times will type out random symbols (æ∆¬)

:; key= 0 - Esc, and changes the volume

' key= Tab, random symbols, enables caps lock

Eject Key= § changes volume



I had Sophos Anti Virus installed on it, and after running a full scan it didn't come up with anything. To be safe i decided to completely wipe her Macbook. I also did the 7-pass DOD Standard erase.


After that i resinstalled Lion on her computer. After restarting the same issue persists. I tried seeing if there was an OSX update that needed to be installed, and that didnt fix anything. I also ran the Apple hardware test. It came up with no issues.


I also checked to see if foriegn keyboards were turned on, etc.


I have no idea what to do now. Using my bluetooth keyboard works fine. The keys type what they should. She says he hasn't spilt anything on it, but she works as a daycare provider and sometimes the little kids watch movies or youtube videos on it.


Any help would be appreciated!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)