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Can I use the Airport Extreme as a wifi extender and connect it to my modem/router?  I need the extra ethernet prots to hook up a dish receiver and dvd player that do not have built in wifi hence the need for the Airport Extreme to connect to the modem/router in the basement wirelessly.

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    Unfortunately, you have to connect your AirPort to the Ethernet port of the modem. You can use it to extend the wireless signal only with another AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express or Time Capsule

  • James A. Weston Level 5 (5,840 points)

    The best solution might be to add an Ethernet switch to your router.

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    Hi, does this mean that the Airport extreme is not a range extender via wifi? Does a second Airport station help to extend my network, but do i need to connect the second station also to the modem via ethernet, or does it extend the signal of the firts Airport via wifi? thanks.

  • Bruce Thomson Level 6 (10,410 points)

    If your objective is to connect two devices which support only ethernet to an existing WiFi network, you could do so by configuring an AirPort Express (for example) in Client mode connected to your existing WiFi network. Then you could use the LAN and WAN ports on the AirPort Express to connect your dish receiver and DVD player. This concept is called "bridging" rather than extending a network, but in your case I think it is what you need. This solution does not provide you additional WiFi service at your devices, it simply serves as a "wireless ethernet cable" back to your modem/router which creates your wireless network.


    Could do the same with an AirPort Extreme Base Station I believe, if you needed more than the two ports.


    If I have misunderstood your requirement, I apologize.