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I have just bought an epson wf 3520 air printer and can't print from my iPad. I have downloaded the iprint app and can print from there but not from emails or notes.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi
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    hmmmn interesting, according to this list: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356

    you definitely have an airprint enabled printer, so therefore it should really work

    have you checked your settings on the ipad and printer etc?

    thats the first step, the second could be to try a free printing app and test it, such as printdirect on the app store

    see how you get on?

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    Try powering everything off. ipad, printer, wifi router, modem.  wait 10 minutes power on devices.



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    Thanks for your reply. Tried this but it didn't work.

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    This app didn't work either. Thanks for your reply. Does it have something to do with ip addresses. I noticed that the printer and iPad always have different IP addresses.

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    if the printer is not configured to connect to your wireless network

    airprinting or the printer app will not work

    devices on your network will normally have a similar ip address

    eg, etc


    since you posted this in ipad in the Enterprise, if your using a corporate wireless you may to speak to the network admin to get your printer connected correctly

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    I have this exact same printer and exact same problem.  I first opened a trouble call with EPSON and after about 4-5 emails they say it is an Apple problem not an Epson problem.


    WF-3520 - IP address assigned via DHCP.


    EPSON iPrint app finds printer.


    iPhone 4 & new iPad does not see the printer.


    2 Win7 computers prints to printer without issue. 


    If I power off the printer then power it back on I can sometimes find the printer on the IOS device. 


    Is it best to manually assign the IP address to the printer?

    Is it best to assign the IP address to the MAC address on the router?




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    In my case, I bought Canon MX-517.


    I have 2 iPads [ iPad 1 and new iPad] and iPhone 4.


    With iPad 1 (IOS 5.3.3 - As you know IPad1 does not support IOS 6.0.1 ) it works well with airprint.


    My new iPad's software version is 6.0.1 and it doesn't work - It says "Printer is Offline"


    I tried airprint with my iPhone ( IOS 6.0.1) - Sometimes works well, and sometimes doesn't work. -"Printer is Offline"


    After tests , I think it on IOS 6.0.1. - 100% fail on new iPad (IOS 6.0.1)

                                                           50% fail on iPhone 4 (IOS 6.0.1)

                                                          100% success on iPad 1 ( IOS 5.3.3)