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i have just noticed a profile in my general settings on my iphone 5.

i have never noticed it before and wondered how and why it is there.If i slide the profile it reveals provisioning and under that there is a box

inside the box it reads






recieved 28 sep 2012

expires  14 Aug 2013


Im not sure why this is there and any help will be gratefully recieved


Regards Adrian

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    From the iPhone User Manual:



    Using configuration profiles

    If you’re in an enterprise environment, you may be able to set up accounts and other items on iPhone by installing a configuration profile. Configuration profiles let your administrator set up your iPhone to use the information systems at your company, school, or organization. For example, a configuration profile might set up your iPhone to access the Microsoft Exchange servers at work, so iPhone can access your Exchange email, calendars, and contacts, and it may turn on Passcode Lock to help keep the information secure.

    Your administrator may distribute configuration profiles by email, by putting them on a secure webpage, or by installing them directly on iPhone for you. Your administrator may have you install a profile that ties your iPhone to a mobile device management server, which allows your administrator to configure your settings remotely.

    Install configuration profiles: On iPhone, open the email message or download the configuration profiles from the website your administrator provides. When you open a configuration profile, installation begins.

    Important: You may be asked whether a configuration profile is trusted. If in doubt, ask your administrator before installing the configuration profile.

    You can’t change the settings defined by a configuration profile. If you want to change settings, you must first remove the configuration profile, or install a new configuration profile with the new settings.

    Remove a configuration profile: Go to Settings > General > Profile, then select the configuration profile and tap Remove.

    Removing a configuration profile deletes the settings and all other information installed by the profile.


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    i have read the the above article but have never been asked about the setting up of a configuration file.

    I have several email accounts on the phone. O2. Gmail,Icloud, hotmail, would it be possible that one of these

    would have set up the profile without me be aware ?

    There is an option to remove it but i am not sure what will happen and after all it may be harmless its just

    something i have only become aware of


    Regards Adrian

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    The article starts by saying "If you're in an enterprise environment".


    So either you are in an enterprise environment and somehow the enterprise got involved, or you obtained your iPhone 5 from some source that did not set it up correctly.


    If the former, you should check with the enterprise information technology folks.  If you are not in an enterprise environment, you should feel free to delete the profile, and you might question why it was there in the first place.


    If you obtained the iPhone directly from Apple, you would not have any configuration profile.  In fact, you would not even have a Settings > General > Profile option appear.

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    hi i am certainly not in an enterprise enviroment


    I purchased the iphone5 from O2 on release date,O2 used the carphone warehouse as distributers.


    Ihave owned iphones 3,4,4s and have never seen this on any of thre phones,this is why im surprised to see

    it on my iphone 5.


    Many thanks for your speedy and helpfull advice.


    Regards Adrian

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    Glad to help. Like you, I've had many earlier iPhone versions. I bought one from the cellular carrier, and all the rest from Apple directly.


    For the future, if buying directly from Apple is an option for you, at least in my experience, that has been much better.

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    Yes I have to agree with you

    I normally purchase everything direct from the apple store and I am a complete apple addict.

    I am the proud owner of the new iPad (4) an iPad mini, MacBook Pro retina display & iPhone 5


    Would you recommend that I call O2 tomorrow and clarify if the profile should be on the phone or should I just delete it


    Regards Adrian

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    It certainly couldn't hurt to notify o2. It sounds like you've already had the profile for a few months, so another day or two should be fine. O2 should at least be made aware of this episode.


    Yes, I've also got iPads, Macs etc. they're magnificent.

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    Many thanks and I will let you know what they say


    Regards Adrian

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    Thanks. Enjoy your iPhone and all your present and future Apple gear!

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    Hi, just to give you an update.


    I phoned O2 today and asked them and they couldn't explain why the profile is on there.

    They said it is probably an app that I have installed but I wouldn't have thought that would be the case

    He said it would be best to remove the profile and see how things go and if there are any problems do a factory

    Restore of the phone.So far everything is running as it should so fingers crossed.

    Once again thanks for the advice


    Regards Adrian

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    Thanks a lot for the update.


    My strong suspicion is that carphone warehouse is responsible for the mysterious profile.  I would not have expected o2 to have sanctioned it.  I don't know the UK vendors, but I assume o2 has a fairly close contractual bond with carphone warehouse and hopefully o2 noted this behavior and attributed it to their distributor.


    I feel quite confident you should not run into a problem once you remove the profile, but I agree a factory restore is in order if anything does go awry.


    Best of luck!