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Hi! Please help me!!


This iphone was just given to me so i dont know its specs but i believe its iphone 3gs. 32gb.


So this is what happened.


I was playing a game on my iphone until its battery dies. So i charged it. I decided to turn it on during the charge. I pressed the sleep button and nothing shows up so i decided to do the "restart" thingy. I frst pressed the sleepbutton then the home button till the apple logo appears. So yes! it appeared, it took so long though but it appeared. After that, the logo just dissappears, the screen goes black and go to the charging mode again and then goes back to the apple logo and charging mode again, AUTOMATICALLY. Sometimes, it reaches to the lock mode but then again the screen goes black and then goes back to charing mode again. WHAT SHOUD I DO??? I need your help guys!!


I even tried to plug it in the computer but its the same thing.  Itunes wont even recognize the phone.