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Hi, I have been battling temperature on my Macbook Pro, and I feel I have figured it out, but I was wondering (I don't think it is) but is is 60-65 degrees celsius considered in any way hot to run every day in that will it shorten the lifespan of my Macbook Pro at all if ran regularly at 60-65?



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    My MacBook Air has been at 90 degrees or so for about 8 hours a day more or less every day for the last year and it's still working perfectly, battery life is going down no more than normal, etc


    idk if that helps or not but just saying

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    It is largly dependant upon what you are doing.  The more stress you place on the CPU/GPU, the higher the temperature and fan speeds.  As I respond to you, iStat pro shows the following;


    Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 7.00.26 PM.png


    For light duty applications 60 c is a bit high, but not lethal.  Heat is the enemy and the lower one can keep it the happier the MBP will be.  Note that the MBP will shut off before the heat does any material harm.  Internal sensors are there to perform that function.



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    But playing a game, like Minecraft, everyday for a little while, which runs it up to about 60c, could that over time shorten the computer's/components lifespan?

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    AHHHH, it is you evan.  I think I may have to ask you to give me your fathers credit card number so I can charge you $20 for every answer!  (JUST KIDDING) 


    60 c for a game will be just fine.  When you get in the 90c + range for prolonged periods of time, then I would become concerned.  If you do wish to play games a lot, do consider a cooling pad of some sorts.  It will put your mind as ease as well as keep the MBP a bit fresher.


    I do not recommend the fan control software.  I have faith in the engineers at Apple in their ability to design good thermodynamic parameters and controls for MBPs.



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    Thank you so much! You answered my question (and made me laugh) hahahahahahaha.


    Cool, I did purchase the CoolSpot Anywhere, which is made for MBPs.


    Sorry I have had so many questions, I just want to take care and have this laptop for a looooong time!


    :-) Thanks again


    Edit: I wish I could like your reply a million times!

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    One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions, so don't stop. 


    It is good to hear the you purchased a cooling device.  Best of luck with your MBP.



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    Thank you again! My mind is at ease (mostly)