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The time on my iPhone 5 keeps changing, apparantely at random.  It seems to occur mostly at home when I swtich between wifi and LTE.  I have turned off the automatic time zone and just set manually, and that has seemed to work right now.  However, that shouldn't be the fix.  And, yes, I have the country, time zone, etc. set correctly.  It is a software/network bug.  It doesn't affect AT&T as we have one of those too and it doesn't do it.


Other "fixes" that don't work:


- reset

- toggle between airplane mode and back

- change time zones and swtich back

- turn off LTE

- change country and swtich back

- turn off wifi

- call Verizon (lol)

- call Apple (not as funny, but still...)


Anyone know when they will come out with a real fix? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Ok that is from my memory, so I can make a mistake. Something wrong with your time settings when your phone switches from and to LTE. But you already know that don't you. Problem occurs on Verizon towers that your phone connects to. No easy fix, but from rumors if Verizon or Apple know what tower is affected they can ask their engineering to update software on that particular tower. As long as you using LTE, unless software on the tower is updated, there is no fix for the phone. So if you don't travel much report those towers. If you do travel a lot, enjoy the ride.