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Mac OS X

Some messages posted here have indicated that you can't enter an address for a geofence in the Reminders app. This is not true. Perhaps it was different at one time, but you can enter a location by simply entering the address.


HOWEVER, and yes this is a big but, it doesn't necessarily retain the address you type in! For example, I entered my home address, 445 W Any Street, City, State. I hit "Done" and it immediately changed the address to 66-98 W Any Street, as though I had typed that in.


I'm assuming it's establishing a location based on GPS coordinates or something, but this is way off; the address is over half a mile away. I've tried it several times and always does the same thing. It doesn't do it with all addresses however. It retains my office address as entered.


Perhaps because the location is stored incorrectly, then, the notification doesn't go off when I'm at the right location (445). Maybe if I went to 66... but I'm not going to go there! Frustrating. Thoughts? Solutions?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1