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Mid 2009 MBP with 256 SSD and 8 gb of ram upgrades

ML worked fine for a few weeks then started getting major kernel issues and random reboots so decided to fresh install.....that is where the problems really started

Here is what I have tried and no matter what I get the same crash


- tried a fresh ML install to the SSD, no joy

- reinstalled the old HD and tried fresh install of ML, no joy

- tried reinstalling 10.6 from the CD to the SSD, no joy

- tried installing 10.6 from the CD to the old HD, no joy


I just tried again to the SSD

Each time the install starts, but then quits about 4 minutes into it: this last time I got the following in the "crash log viewer"


Error  writing cache to /volumes/SSD/library/caches/com.apple.findsystemfiles.plist

Failed to enumerate /volumes/ssd/library/caches, cannot prune

Failed to verify additionalspeechvoices.pkg

Child exited with status 11