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Have two issues.  Brand new Mac Pro Late 2012 using latest Mountain Lion Software.  Using sleep setting in energy savings screen, two issues pop up when waking from sleep.  First, as with a lot of people, network is not available after waking up.  I try to manually pick my network, and the dropdown menu says "no wifi hardware available".  Must shut down the computer and restart manually to get it back.  I simple restart will not bring the hardware back.


Second problem is that my computer will not wake from sleep by clicking the mouse or pushing spacebar.  It sounds as if it turns on, but my screen which is an Apple cinema display, just stays black.


Any fixes known, or is this a "known" mountain lion problem waiting for a fix.  The sleep has not worked correctly under energy settings at all, and it seems to work fine if I manually put computer to sleep using dropdown from apple menu. 


Thanks in advance.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)