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I had a couple hundred songs from cd's on Iphone 4.


Pretty sure I got them in the cloud before iphone 4 died.  Seems like I was able to see them back then.


Iphone5 only shows itunes purchases so I tried to look on icloud but no icloud for music without "match" (I think?)


Before I join "match" is it possible to know if those non original itunes songs are there?


Some of them are my original creations so there will be no match.  Also some may be mis named.


Can I "unsubscribe" if my music is gone?


Thanks In Advance:

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    If you do not have matched, songs from cd's on your iPhone will not be in the cloud - only purchases from iTunes Store.


    For match to work, you need to have the tracks in your iTunes library on your computer. When you buy match, your computer is scanned and non iTunes purchases are matched or uploaded - they will be available on your iOS devices.