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A few weeks ago I was on Google Chrome and it froze up a little bit. The bell rang for me to go to my next class so I shut my MacBook Pro and was on my way. Later, I opened my laptop to see Chrome still frozen on my screen even though I have it set to require a password after the laptop has been in sleep mode.


I restarted my MacBook and tried logging in. I got the beachball spinny wheel cursor thing, the screen froze for a few seconds, and it went back to the user login screen. I have tried safe booting it, restarting it many times, and many other things but this problem is still happening and I cannot log into my main account.


I had that main account account and a guest account so I logged into the guest, set it as an administrative account, and have been using that account ever since. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. It sucked but hasn't been too big of a problem because I have just been spotlight searching files whenever I need them.


Now another problem is coming up. My iTunes. I cannot access my normal iTunes library from this guest account. I want to put some new songs on my iPhone but can't.




Does anybody know how I may be able to fix the logging in issue to my main account?


Does anybody know how I can get my normal iTunes transfered to this new account, even though I can't log into my old account?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)