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     I have had my iPhone 4 and haven't had any problems with it until recently. For some reason the phone stop registering song plays. I have listened to hundreds of songs, many of which are from band recently added to iTunes, yet none of the plays are showing up. I have new cds that I have listened to all the way through a dozen times in the past few weeks that show every song as have zero plays. My recently played smart playlist shows only songs that I have listened to while my iPhone has been connected to my laptop. I use and I am unable to sync any of my songs because my iPhone doesn't show me as having listening to anything since the 24th of December. Around that time I messed with the syncronization of the iPhone when I was trying to get music I had on a different computer onto the iPhone and it wasn't allowing me to, I switched it to manually manage and it seems as though ever since song plays are not recorded.

     Anyone know how to fix this?


Thanks for any and all help.

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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