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Hi All


long time reader first time poster, i have an interesting question and hopefully someone will be able to put me onto the right path.

A user in my corporation is having a weird issue with her iPad, on random occasions she will power up her iPad and it will revert back to factory settings, (basically gets the slide to start screen with dark grey background etc) and have to re register and activate the iPad from scratch. This seems to happen to her at random times so there is nothing specific that she is doing to cause the problem.

Now there are a few things that she has on the iPad that no one else has or uses. She does have an exchange account set up on the iPad and with our policy it has been set to wipe the device after 4 failed attempts but she is adament that she has not entered it in 4 times incorrectly (which i believe she hasnt done) she does also have her boss's calendar synced up (via exchange) its basically a fresh install of iOS with only the Citrix application installed and with exchange mail set up, connects to our internal WiFi and also use 3G when away from work.


The iPad has been swapped over multiple time thinking it might be something faulty but she has had an iPad 1, 2 and 3 and has had the same problem so that would rule out a faulty iPad (unless she is the unluckiest person in the world).


Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong of if there is something to try out?



iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    Hi there chris sorry to hear about the issues on a user in your corporations ipad do you Leno if she has restored from backup on every ipad she has received?

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    thanks for you reply back...

    thankfully all work that she does is sotred on our internal network and doesnt take any backups at all (not really needed) everytime she has reset the ipad i have set up the iPad like a brand new iPad. The only thing that i do add the exchange accounts, connect to our wireless, put bookmarks in for our intranet and RNA page and then download and install the Citrix Receiver app, using her iTunes account.


    Other than that not much else is done.



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    This is obviously a hardware issue is the ipad still in warranty

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    but 3 different iPad's all had/have the same hardware fault... then she has to be the unluckiest person in the world to have the same fault with an iPad, iPad2 and iPad3...

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    Demand she gets a brand new one out of the box fresh how many replacements has she had for one model

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    Hi Chris,


    I saw one other post from last April that had the same issue - but Exchange only caused the problem with one iPad and others that had the same set-up did not have the problem. I am not familiar with the apps you are referring to, but I think we need to see if we can get some of our big guns on this....


    BIG GUNS - any help?





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    lol... all 3 were out of the box...

    no replacements, the iPad 1 was salvaged and the iPad 2 im using right now for work purposes and not 1 problem...


    i think your solution to just buy an other one aint ideal. seriously i dont think its the iPad see my first post if the same thing is happening for 3 different iPad's then its highly unlikely its the iPad...

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    Thanks for the message back GB


    i too seriously think its something to with the Exchange, the bad thing is here we dont run our own its third party so when a job went in to have a look at her account and her boss's account we got the old nothing is wrong etc.

    i was hopeing to build up more of a case to go back to them and say look into it again it may be a problem.



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    I have a friend who's ipad randomly opens,does things and  lieks to turn it self off and reset to factory settings  Apple told them they were told to reset the firmware which is how the the hardware interacts with the software. It fixed all there issues and they have never had a problem again




                                                                                         Here's how to reset the firmware a.k.a DFU MODE

    In order to put your device into DFU mode, with the iPad connected to your computer and turned on or off (it doesn't matter), you must press the "home" and "power" buttons together for EXACTLY 10 seconds at which point you must release "power" but continue to hold "home". After about 15 seconds, the device will enter DFU mode.


    There is no way to tell from the screen that this has happened as it will remain blank. If you see the Apple logo, the "connect to iTunes" graphic, or anything but a blank screen, you got the timing wrong. You can just try again until you get it right. It is perfectly normal for the iPad to reset just before the 7 second mark. Do not be put off by this. The timing of your button release must be exactly 10 seconds. It is best not to even look at the screen! You may like to try using your watch or a clock to get the timing precise. Hold both buttons, count to 10 seconds exactly, release the power button but keep holding home. Hope this helps

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    Hi All


    Thanks for your responses... funny enough last week the problem happened again and decided to try the DFU mode to see if that will fix the issue, so fingers crossed for the time being.

    I did want to mention as i noticed something that the user had done just beore the iPad reset it self again. I did notice that the iPad had been fully charged to 100% so it looks like while she was changing the device overnight it had reset it self.

    Does anyone know if this could be an issue? at work she does use her iPhone charger which is the 1A charger and at home uses the iPad charger the 2.1A. Does anyone know if this may effect the iPad and cause it to factory reset it self?



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    Dont think so. Of you use a iphone charger with ipad. It will charge slower at half the rate. If you use the ipad charger with ipad it will charge alot faster because the ipad has a bigger battery than iphone and uses a 12 watt.