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I have been trying to get iCloud Control Panel and Photostreams working on my PC, but no photos download from iCloud. I can see that the Photo Stream folder was created, but it stays empty - photos never download. If I open up the task manager while iCloud is signed in, I can see that "PhotoStreamsDownloader.exe" is using 100% of a CPU core and appears to be doing nothing. No photos ever download. I found some threads of other people having this problem, but there was never a solution that worked for everyone. Some people reinstalled, some deleted all pics from their photostream... I've tried every suggestion I can find but I cannot get photos to download. The only way I can get it to partially work is if I set "photostreamsdownloader" to Windows 98 compatibility mode. Running it as an administrator doesn't work either. Does anyone know how to fix this.

icloud, Other OS, Windows 8 x64
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    Try changing the folder Photo Stream sends photo's to AND check to see that the folder permissions are correctly set.

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    I tried chaning the folder to a different location but the problem remained. What do the folder permissions need to be set to exactly?


    Looking at the current permissions, "System", "*My User Account*", and "Administrators" all have "FULL CONTROL" of the PhotoStream folder and it's subfolders.

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    Well, I just did an online chat with Gateway who said Acer would take care of this problem. Called Acer and was told that they would have to charge me for this even though my computer is under warranty. Called Gateway and talked to a dude in India who said Windows 8 is not compatible with Photo Stream. It does not work on my new windows 8 Gateway laptop.

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    As of version 2.1 of iCloud Control Panel, it IS supposed to support Windows 8. It says so in this Apple Support article:




    That being said, there's obviously some issues with getting it to run on Windows 8. Since I made this post I eventually did get it working, but I tried SO MANY different troubleshooting steps trying to fix it, that I have no idea what it was that actually solved the problem.