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I have tired to set up my new MB Air with no success. This is the third day I am trying and it has been very frustrating.

My old computer is also a MB Air purchased in Dec 2010. It has OS X 10.8.2 installed. All TPTY sw is up to date. Turned off screen savers, set sleep to NEVER so screen is always on for both computers. Tried to set up the new MB A from my old MB A. I went through ethernet. After a while it hung up and froze. I then tried to set up the new MBA using my back up disk which has backed up my old MBA using Time Machine. The Migration Assistant on the new MBA doesn't even see the hard disk. I then tried to using Migration Assistant on both machines and hooked them up using an ethernet cable. On the new MBA the ethernet cable was plugged  into the thunderbold port through an adapter and in the old MBA it was plugged into one of the USB ports through an adapter. The two computers see each other and Migration Assistant starts, but it hangs up when it says there is 1 hour and 40 minutes left to complete the transfer.


I have tried it a few times and it hangs up at the same place. Each time I abort, I quit Migration Assistant on both macs. This morning I checked the new MBA's disk and it said it has 130 GB on it. This means something was transferred. When you look at the folders in the HD though, you can only account for about 10-15 GB of it. So something is inside the HD that is not showing up. I just rebooted the system disk and will see where this takes me. If this gest the HD usage back to be consistent with what you see in the folders, then I will try again with the Migration Assistant.


Anyway, wanted to know if any of you out there had a similar problem. This is driving me nuts and has really upset me. I was all excited to be using my new MBA but it has turned out to be a real disappointment.


If all else fails, I will be going to an apple store to see what the geniuses can do for me as I am in my 90 day tech support window.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)