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iMac 27” medio 2011. OS 10.8.2.


This is a problem that is driving me crazy. I had tryed on a danish newsgroup, but no one has even answered.

The problem came as soon as I upgraded form OS 10.7 to 10.8.


I have 5 external harddisks + one on my iMac + one SSD on my iMac. The SSD has only the OS + all my

applications. All my archives are stored on the extrenal HDs.


When I am working with my applications I use 50/50 open in application / directly from the archive-folders.




My settings for the archives folders is:




Left my standard - In the center my problem - Right my correction of the settings after the problem has



The settings is OK on all the HDs but - after using save as PDF to one HD, and only that one, the settings

are changed to the one shown in the center. But only the first folder - the HDs main folder. In the folders under

the main folder the settings is OK = my standard.


The HD folder is shown:




When I change back to my standard, the settings ”use as standard” is gray which must indicate that this

is my standard.

As soon as I next time save a PDF the story starts again. It seems very weird.


I do hope my question is understandably and I am looking forward to a solution.



Michael Corfitsen (Denmark).


ps:           There is a small similar problem with the HD in the iMac. After starting the iMac this HDs mainfolders

                settings are changed a little but not as much as the mainproblem. I can change the settings, but after

                the next start - back again.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)