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I've been having what I hope to be battery issues for several days.  The problem started when I noticed that the battery wasn't charging even though the power cord was plugged in (I have several power cords, so the problem is not with the power supply).  After finally getting the battery to begin charging again, if I remove the power cord, my MacBook Pro immediately shuts off and I am unable to get it to turn back on again (or begin recharging again) without resetting the SMC:




I have had to do this several times in the last day or two.  Going to About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Power, here is the Charge Information:


Charge Remaining (mAh): 10038

Fully Charged: No

Charging: Yes

Fully Charge Capacity (mAh): 10523


Health Information

Cycle Count: 1055

Condition: Normal

Battery Installed: Yes

Amperage (mA): 1658

Voltage (mV): 8365


The laptop is less than 4 years old, but Apple Care ran out last year.  Are there any other tests to determine whether the the battery needs to be replaced versus the issue begin more serious (i.e. logic board)?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/8 GB Ram
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    I don't think it's the logic board, but the battery doesn't really look bad either (health "normal", even after 1000+ cycles).


    You should probably run Apple Hardware Test...

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    Regardless of the battery's stated condition, that is a lot of cycles. At its end of life the battery's state of charge indicator will become unreliable and the battery will refuse to charge properly.


    If possible I would bring it to an Apple Store to determine if the battery is in need of replacement, and have them install it. Apple is the best source for replacement batteries anyway.

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    I ran the hardware test and everything tested fine.  It appears to be the battery. I checked out the replacement procedure on ifixit.com and it doesn't seem to be very difficult.  However they don't have any batteries in stock. Does anyone have a recommendation of where I can purchase a reputable replacement battery (model # A1309)? 


    I've searched on Google and there are numerous places overseas, as well as resellers through eBay and Amazon, but I'd like to make sure I am purchasing a new battery from a reputable business.  Thanks

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    Buck_W wrote:


    ... I'd like to make sure I am purchasing a new battery from a reputable business.


    I recommend you go to Apple. That's what I do, and I can recommend nothing else. Really.


    Yes, they are more expensive to buy. They are the least expensive to use. Yours lasted four years, and you should expect another four from a genuine Apple battery. This is 60¢ a week.


    Aftermarket batteries are a crapshoot.


    This is my personal experience and my recommendation. Others will have theirs.


    Edit: I checked the iFixit website, which I recommend in general. If the are not showing any Apple batteries in stock, there is probably a good reason for it. I am guessing they are unable to find genuine Apple batteries at a price competitive to Apple's, or they don't want to sell the aftermarket knockoffs due to their dubious quality. Apple's QC is uncompromisingly strict. There is a reason they cost what they do.

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    I wholeheartedly agree. . . however. . .


    I called Apple, spoke with two different people (one in sales, one in technical support) and felt like I was getting the run around.  It sounded like they don't have any in stock and THEY would have to purchase a battery from a secondary vendor.  The tech suggested I take it to an Apple Store and let them send it out for service (if they don't have a battery in stock). 


    The nearest Apple store is over an hour away and I'd rather not be without my laptop for a week or more.  I use it on my job every day.  I simply want to purchase a battery and install it myself.  It appears that I am unable to do that directly from Apple.  Are you aware of any other ways to get through to them?

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    Just spoke to another Apple rep and she explained that because I have an early 2009 MacBook Pro (unibody), they will NOT sell the battery to consumers.  I must take it into the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store or send it in it through Apple Care. 

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    Apple has no batteries for a 2010 MBP?


    Check here and select "Battery Replacement":


    http://support.apple.com/kb/index?page=servicefaq&geo=United_States&product=Macn otebooks


    It is reasonable to expect that you should be able to make a reservation and have it replaced while you wait:


    In general, the following replacement times apply:

    Apple Retail Store

    Depending on inventory availability this may be replaced the same day. Make a reservation to meet us at the Genius Bar.

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    It's an early 2009 MBP.  I've made an appointment.  I hope they have one in stock. 

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    Call first to be sure they do. Your store may have an automated voice-recognizing robot but they're actually pretty good at speech recognition.


    If you cannot wait and still want to consider an aftermarket battery anyway, here is another link:




    Your MBP must have an external battery compartment for that one.