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Hello all,


Can anyone PLEASE help?


I have just had my hard drive upgraded/changed from the original 640GB drive to a new 2TB drive. I've also had an additional 4GB of RAM added to now give me 8GB RAM.


Absolutely everything else seems to be working fine (unusual for me and I'm often at the end of bad luck in such circumstances). The only thing I'm having problems with is syncing my iPod Classic with iTunes. Incidentally, I have the latest version of iTunes and my iPod software was up to date  the last time I checked.


Before I go further, my system specs are:



24-inch, Early 2009

Processor  2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory  8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB

Software  OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (12C60)


When  I connect my iPod Classic, the iPod screen initially shows  'Synchronisation in progress' (or whetver similar wording it actually  is)... but this is just very briefly. It then indicates "Connected", and  that's the way it stays and doesn't change at all.


It takes time to actually show up in iTunes, and when it does, I now have to very quickly click the iPod button (to bring up the iPod screen on iTunes) before the pointer turns into the spinning beach ball.


Now, it hangs... and hangs... and hangs... and hangs.


During this, I notice that "Manually manage music and videos" is ticked (which I didn't have ticked before), and also 'Enable disc use' is also ticked, although greyed out.


iPod sync problems - options box.png


Occasionally, the spinning beach ball will disappear and the pointer will return, but this is very very briefly and I have a split-second to try unticking - first - the "Manually manage music and videos" box and then - later, if I'm lucky - untick the 'Enable disc use' box. However, on the odd occasion I've managed this, I haven't been able to go further except for two occasions when I managed to click "Apply". The iPoid on those to occasions started to update... but went nowhere... it just did nothing.


When the thing finally just hangs and hangs, I eventually have to 'force quit' iTunes and unplug the iPod without first ejecting. There was one other occasion when I managed to - split-second when the spinning beach ball disappeared - to click "eject" and the iPod succesfully did so.


There were a couple of occasions in the past when I had trouble with my iPhone and was told to delete/trash the iPhone photo cache folder. Remembering this, I tried this for the iPod (iPod photo cache) and it made no difference... same situation.


I did notice on one occasion at the beginning of all this that when I managed to unplug my iPod from iTunes, all the album covers were missing from the iPod (although still in iTunes). This was long before I tried deleting the iPod photo cache folder though.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards



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    PS Since I sent in my query I this time, for the first time, managed to get to the end of the "Updating iPod" bit. I was then faced with a pop up saying "The synchronisation could not be finished because the iPod could not be found" (or words to that effect... with a biiig exclamation mark!


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    First things first the spinning beach ball is usually an indication that Search is going nuts.

    Turn off Search entire Library by clicking on the downward pointing arrow to the right of the Magnisying glass and untick Search entire library.



    Is your music still in iTunes on your new hard drive or is it only on your ipod?


    If it is in your itunes then you should be able to plug in the iPod and uncheck Manually Manage music and sync


    If the music is only on the ipod connect up as above click on the device and Drag all the music from your device to the library. then you can uncheck manually manage music and sync as normal

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    Hi there,


    Thanks for your prompt response.


    I'll try the 'turn off search' advice later as I'm about to pop out.


    My music is still in iTunes in its entirety, complete with album covers... thank God!


    "If it is in your itunes then you should be able to plug in the iPod and uncheck Manually Manage music and sync"

    This is exactly what I've described above as being a virtual impossibility. It keeps hanging and hanging and hanging.


    Thanks anyway,


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    Here's the latest issue after it eventually managed to get through the "Updatiung iPod" bit.

    Latest problem.png

    Even though I got to this stage... I was lucky. It freezes /hangs for soooooo longs prior to this and most of the time I have to abort and force quit.



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    As you have all your music on the computer a restore may be the way to go. Then you should be able to resync.


    This article may help


    http://appducate.com/2012/12/troubleshoot-an-ios-device-that-wont-sync-in-itunes /

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    Thanks, Steve. I have already tried this but it just freezes. I'll try this again later (if it lets me) when I get back.



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    Hi Steve,


    Well, the good news is that I managed to click on restore before the thing froze again and, lo-and-behold, things seems to be working. At this very moment it's reistalling all my music onto my iPod. It's about halfway through right now... another 8000 or so songs to go.


    If the problems start again afterwards, I'll post again. If all is ok... thanks - in advance - for your interest and the advice. You've been a great help.


    Best regards



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    Glad it is going well, maybe a beer as well?