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Best way to select stuff to trash, what is ?

Does Snow Leopard need a software "cleaner" other than

periodic checks via Disk Utility ?

What will Time Machine do to what's on the external drive ?

(i.e. the old stufff)

Can Time Machine be turned off and on ?


(Tiger 10.4.11 is on WD 2T external drive.  Snow Leopard  10.6.3. is on a disc waiting to be installed.

SL 10.6.3. is the most current OS this MBPro  [2 GHz Intel Core Duo, 1 G 667MHz DDR2SDRAM]

can process.  I'm told.  I think by Apple, the Store.


After gratefully receiving some varieties of advice, I've decided to Start Up on the Passport for a

while, to learn some stuff, and save up money to buy software for routine backup if necessary,

(although in 30+ years no Mac has failed me nor have I lost anything).


This Apple Support Community format is a handicap to folks with low level expertise.

and, I suspect, especially folks with old hardware and software.

So I'm going to wander the web to learn what is GUI, to understand partitions,

what is dmg ?

and, as in the question above,  what to delete from Tiger. 


My G3 has both OS 9 and OS 10, I kept 9 for a printer driver and to avoid messing with content.

I'm thinking that I can use the passport for the old Word for Mac and the Canon inkjet that is

compatible with the laptop, and use the internal drive with Snow Leopard for Firefox.


Thanks folks, especially noondaywitch,  for attentive support.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)